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Please call us and record your answers to the questions below. For example - "Question 1 Referral. A. Referral Type: Life Care Plan" etc. Speak slowly and clearly. Take your time. Answer all relevant questions below.

1 Referral

A Referral Type: Medicare Set Aside, Cost Projection or Life Care Plan

B Your Name

C Company Name

D Company Address

E Direct Phone

F Email Address

2 Claimant

A Name

B Address

C Jurisdiction

D Date of Birth

E Social Security Number

F Claim Number

3 Injury

A Date

B Compensable Injuries

C Denial Date

D Denied Injuries

4 Employer

A Name

B Address

C Self-Insured Yes or No

5 Adjuster

A Same as Referral. Skip to #6

B Adjuster Name

C Insurance Company

D Address

E Phone

6 Defense Attorney

A Name

B Phone

7 Plaintiff Attorney

A Name

B Phone

8 Pharmacy Program

A Pharmacy Name

B Phone

9 Durable Medical Equipment

A Company Name

B Phone

10 Excess Carrier

A Is there an Excess Carrier? Yes or No

B If so, Company Name

11 Conditional Payments

A Do you want a Conditional Payment search? Yes or No

12 Contact

A Can We Contact the Defense Attorney Yes or No

B Can We Contact the Plaintiff Attorney Yes or No

C Can We Contact Providers Yes or No

13 Special Instructions

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